Friday, April 6, 2012

Why Go to University : Moti Nissani

Why Go to University
Moti Nissani

Literal Comprehension:
The university Education has many more advantages. Though, going to university might create additional stresses in the life, there are much more advantages than disadvantages. Firstly, university education provides income and job opportunities, which improves the social status. Secondly, educated people enjoy better health than other because they are much aware about different diseases. Thirdly, educated people are more conscious about physical exercise which is beneficial to physical, mental and emotional well being. Fourthly, educated people are valued more by culture. Fifthly, learned men and women are highly respected in the society. Sixthly, lack of education damages social standing and self confidence. Seventhly, university education expands the social horizons of every individual. They make new friends. They share new ideas. The education increases the personal freedom. Education makes less dogmatic about our own belief and more tolerant about the belief of others. University education frees human mind from any kinds of prejudices. Finally education helps to flourish democracy in a country. University education makes us capable to judge the policy makes their policies. This helps the democratic system work properly.

 The essay, why go to university is trying to say that education is very important part of life. Going to university reforms our character and morality. It helps for our all round development. It removes narrow mind. Pride and superstition and leads us towards progress and prosperity. Education helps to know the meaning of life.

Critical Thinking: 
The essay teaches us the value of education. I agree with the writer in most of the cases, but there are some unclear ideas in the essay. In only formal and university education important? What about informal education? Do only educated people life longer? Do all the educated person get better job and income.

Before reading this essay I used to think that university education provides only better job and opportunities to earn much. But I was wrong. It also teaches us how to live a healthy life. What are the difficulties that people have to face in the lack of education? In sum this essay gave me new way to join with its multiple values.


  1. I have my exam today, Ain't got no time to do this reading but i tried to complete all the important chapters (as I thought was important) & i have to say this this blog is helpful thanks a lot bro..... GOOD WORK

  2. Ya but also the paragrph give us main point of the chapter..


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